Witnessing the Mind

What does witnessing the mind mean?

We are built within a duality of this and that. The duality of this and that also resides within the mind. When we are living a life using the mechanics of the Design, the True Self, the mind becomes a beautiful Outer Authority. Sharing the experiences, understanding and knowing that the Human is having within the correctness of the geometry. When we live through the Not Self mind, there is so much drama and chaos created due to the conditioned energy field that is NOT us.

‚ÄčThe words would have, should have, could have are a really good indication that the Not Self mind is at play. It attempts to pull you into the chaos of the collective. Those are the nasty mean cranky thoughts that beat us up daily. These thoughts want us to conform. Be like everyone else. These inspirations begin to take you on a journey into frustration, bitterness , disappointment and anger. This Not Self mind does not treat the operator very nicely. This mind gets you into a ton of drama; drama follows you everywhere. Relationships have no harmony, Co-workers cringe when you approach. And YOU. You are exhausted on so many levels, physically, mentally and spiritually.

How can you Break Free of this Not Self mind?

One simple solution, through the Human Design System and using the basic tools of Strategy and Authority. These two elements get you back into the body. They get you to go within and see where the “junk” lies so you can begin to re-purpose the “junk” into Useful information for others to learn from. Once the strategy and authority are implemented within the operating system of the being, you can then begin the fun of watching the mind…

Take a moment to breath, take your awareness into your body. Can you feel you? the tingling, the heartbeat, the breeze on your face…now take the awareness back to the thoughts that want to run through your mind….Do the thoughts actually matter to you? Is the mind saying things like, ” lets stop this”; “really, you are just sitting here there is nothing to hear, she is crazy”?????Now take the awareness back into the body. Breath, feel your skin, wiggle your toes, place the awareness on your heartbeat. This is being present and in the moment. If you need to reset and slow the Not Self mind down from the chaos, just jump back within the beauty of the body. Then just being to watch the thoughts. DO THE THOUGHTS MATTER TO YOU? Now that you can see how easily it is to jump into your body, let’s take this to the next level.

The strategy and authority, that is the base teaching of the system, teaches you how to use the body to fulfill the decision correctly for you. This allows you to begin to bypass the mind from making decisions from a place of conditioning/conforming. You are unique, so make the decision from your uniqueness, your one of a kind design. As the strategy and authority operate the being, watch as the mind begins to become more healthy. It doesn’t run amuck so easily because you are now taking the decision making out of it’s hands and placing it where it should be, within the body. The mind that begins to emerge is one that expresses the self reflected consciousness, the awareness of self. The liberated mind is then able to think, question, interpret, teach, inspire, remember, organize, name and process data in its own unique healthy way. This is beautiful to the others in your life that are there to listen to this information.

What I really want you to begin to realize with the Science of Human Design is that life can be very simple. It can really unfold with satisfaction, success, peace and surprise when the life is operated correctly with the unique mechanics it was programmed with.

This science is complex and the implementation will take experimentation; The Outcome? The most awake, aware, authentic you. Now this is a beautiful creation…YOU…

Love Yourself, You are Unique

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