Let’s get Vulnerable

Why are we so scared to get vulnerable? I heard an excellent quote today from Bobby Brown, “You are only as sick as your secrets.” How does this quote resonate with you? Most of us harbour secrets because we feel ashamed or we believe that we are protecting the other people in our lives. Meanwhile, our bodies begin to breakdown as we fill the energy field with these secrets. Our emotional field can keep us well or can create dis-ease based on what we hold within this field. Keeping a positive mind set is not the cure, the cure is getting into those deep areas and speaking about what is in there. The most cathartic practice is to creatively bring the secrets to the surface. And then look at them. Why do you believe you had to go through the experience?

I enjoy watching Doctor Oz, and last week he had a lady on the show that had been kidnapped and groomed into being a sexual slave for a man for 20 years before she had the courage to escape. An experience such as this, is extreme and it happens to people all over the world daily. What she learned in this experience was how strong she was. That the body is the most amazing creation as it healed over and over as she was tortured. What she loved was the ability of the intuitive voice that told her hold on one more day, she would see freedom. Once she saw freedom, her first step in healing the emotional body was to forgive. She does not hold resentment towards her captor. Then, she shared her story with everyone. She holds no shame. It was not her fault that she was kidnapped and that she endured years of torture. It was an event in her life. She took the learning from it and has moved on. Of course, there has been a process for her, but the core of the story is that no matter what the situation is, each of us can heal when we get vulnerable.

As we look at this from a perspective of our designs, we have more open areas in our bodygraph than definition, even if all the centers are defined. This openness is where all that sham hangs out. In the deep collective conditioning. This conditioning that tells us to hide our vulnerability. It tells us that we are not worthy of telling our story and the FEAR begins to rule every thought and emotion, “I will be Judged if I speak my truth!”  Your truth creates community. Your truth allows for others to learn from your experience. Your truth brings health back to you.

As a young girl, I was sexually abused. This abuse was placed in a nice little imaginary box and not opened until I was in my late 20’s. I was a sexually promiscuous teenager, having sex with many boys and men. I held so much sham around this. So to cope with the sham, I drank. I felt much better when I was drunk, until the next day, the sham would flood back in my mind and body. I was 180 lbs, I am only 5’1” tall, so this weight was not healthy. I was full of inflammation. I recall looking at my driver’s licence photo and I was in shock as to how I looked. My brother passed from a heart attack in 2009 at the age of 41 and I just knew that if I didn’t get real about my life, I was going to end up in the same place.

So, I shared these emotions. I spoke about it and I wrote about it. I no longer had to be shamed. I stopped drinking, I upgraded my food choices, I exercise, I stay vulnerable. Because I mattered. If there is something within, I let it out. The collective conditioning is not going to pull me into its Rabbit Hole.

I now know the experiences I had taught me compassion for me and the other. The abuser was abused. He was perpetuating a cycle and my role was to have compassion for him. For me, I then abused alcohol and myself, I turned it within. My abuser also used alcohol to numb the sham. I got to learn the pattern, to see it for what it was. The entire experience brought me back to me. I got to, at the age of 40, take all my power back from every man I ever had sex with and from my abuser. I had unknowingly placed my power with them.

The fear of vulnerability is a collective conditioning construct. Get real with yourself first and share your story with the world. Let go of the sham. See the experience as a learning experience. There are all degrees of good and bad.

I encourage you to share, we are all having experiences every day. Write it, speak it, compose it, paint it, Let it out!! Find your creative outlet to just let the dis-eased emotions flow out of your energy field. As the dis-ease is washed out of the cells, the ease of life can then be present.

As I mentioned above, our human bodies are amazing. The body only knows health until the dis-ease is created. Honor the vessel that is you by getting vulnerable. Allow for health and a life filled with joy. You deserve it. You matter. You are here now and we need you in the fabric of the universe. Love yourself, you are unique.




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  1. ✨💕❤️OMG .. YOU ARE AMAZING ✨💕✨Raw and Real with Ease and Grace❤️💕✨My a Heart is Wide Open for You …Sending Love,Joy,And Healibg🙏🏼

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