Taking Back My Power


Taking back our power is one of the side effects of living your design. This is one of the most empowering for the soul, and one of the most resisted by the mind. We have all lived a life that is conditioned. The Human Design System did not get fully integrated into the frequency of this planet until 1987 when Ra had the event with the ‘voice’. So, most of us are living a life full of pressure to conform to the homogenization created by the dictates of old energy.
One of the most profound teachings that is present right now is for each woman to take back their power. To stand within the uniqueness of themselves and live the life that has been designed to be lived. Why am I concentrating on woman? Well, the feminine energy that created the system is now demanding it. We as women, must come out of the fear closet. Fear can be a healthy motivator if we have it within the construct of our design to do so. Most of us have it within the design and allow the mind to begin to use that fear to make us conform instead of it seeing it for what it is and using the energy correctly for us. Fear, Anxiety and Nervousness grips our planet day in and day out. It is used mostly in a negative fashion to hold us back from our power and our greatness.
I was guided through my design to have a reading with Corrie Thorne (www.corriethorne.com) a few weeks ago. My mind was telling me, “you don’t need a reading” and my Sacral inner authority was clearly fully energized and I headed for the appointment. I was the first client of the day and as soon as I made eye contact with Corrie, I just knew this was going to be big. …Let me just back up a little bit…I was introduced to Corrie through a mutual friend Tracy. Tracy had referred Corrie to me for a Human Design reading and the moment she and I connected through the online webinar room, I know there was a connection energetically that was going to be life changing for me…So I am at the reading with Corrie and jumps in right away and calls me out on not using my power and playing small. The reading continued for 1.5 hours and the entire time I fully hear me in all her words so I knew she was channeling me and giving me the information I needed to give to me…HAHA…even though many other energies came forward to put in their wisdom, it was my voice that I heard talking to me…
I walked out of the session and I knew I couldn’t go back to the old me. I had changed. As I drove home, my design was flashing in my mind. Every word she spoke had ignited and fired my design on all levels of my activations.
It really just became so clear. I am creating my own illusion. I can create it from the conformity of the openness or I can create it through my nature, my strength, MY POWER…
I have chosen my power. I have been in full creation mode since that reading. I am in full acceptance of my greatness. I am showing up in life through my power…FUCK IT. I am here now…and I am not going to waste it stuck in the fear of stepping into me…

Any of you ladies wanna come with me?


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