Overview Reading

This is a warm up to the next step. It is very superficial and provides the very basic information to get in touch with Self.

Foundation Reading

This is the first step in Mastering your True Self in the Life. This reading will re-introduce you to You and sheds light on the Shadows of the Not Self. This is where the experiment begins to unfold.

Advanced Reading

This is the next step in Mastery of Self. This reading goes below the surface into line level, planetary energy and more understanding of the Not Self Shadows. You are practicing the experiment.

Incarnation Cross Reading

This reading is to help you understand your contribution to the whole, the reward for waking up and Mastering Self. The experiment is revealing the life.

The Four Transformations

A Holistic view of the whole. This reading is intended to take place once the being has been in their experiment for 3.5 years. Bringing the entire experiment into one Holistic Package. Solidifying you as the Master of the life. Witnessing the full transformation of bringing your Power of Self within You.


Cycle Readings

Solar Return

Annually on the Design date Birthday, this reading provides the theme of the up coming year, Mastering the True Self in the life.

Saturn Return

This reading is best given around the age of 28 up to the age 42. This is the theme in the life of what education you are receiving from the program to live the Mastered life.

Uranus Opposition

This reading is best given at the age of 42 to age 50. This is the theme of the direction of the life as you mature into Mastery.

Kiron Return

This reading all about the flowering stage of the life starting at age 50. Influencing self to truly be the Master of the Life.

Connection Reading

This is where the 1+1=3 equation comes in to the life. Operating as you within the connection of the other. This provides a clear map of acceptance of each other and the relationship dynamic


Coming Soon

BG5 Career Design Overview

This is an Introduction to your career design. Who you are in regards to the work environment, what work environments are best for you and the signposts to keep you on track.

BG5 Full Analysis

This is the full analysis giving you the Success Code for your Energy.

Business Consulting

Are you a business owner, an entrepreneur or in a partnership and you want efficiency, a healthy workforce, and an increase to your bottom line? This consult only requires the birth data of the people in the business, no surveys or time consuming questionnaires. With this information I can pinpoint the inefficiencies and provide a solution based on the analysis.