Human Design Analysis Readings:

Overview Reading

This is a warm up to the next step. It is very superficial and provides the very basic information to get in touch with Self.

Foundation Reading

This is the first step in Mastering your True Self in the Life. This reading will re-introduce you to You and sheds light on the Shadows of the Not-Self. This is where the experiment begins to unfold.


Cycle Readings

Solar Return

Annually on the Design date Birthday, this reading provides the theme of the upcoming year, Mastering the True Self in the life.

Saturn Return

This reading is best given around the age of 28 up to the age 42. This is the theme in the life of what education you are receiving from the program to live the Mastered life.

Uranus Opposition

This reading is best given at the age of 42 to age 50. This is the theme of the direction of the life as you mature into Mastery.

Kiron Return

This reading all about the flowering stage of the life starting at age 50. Influencing self to truly be the Master of the Life.


Connection Reading

This is where the 1+1=3 equation comes into the life. Operating as you within the connection of the other. This provides a clear map of acceptance of each other and the relationship dynamic


Transformational Coaching Process

This is where the biggest change in the life will be!! This IS for you if you are willing to make a radical change in your life. This is NOT for you is you are not willing to do the work.

You will become empowered; empowered to truly be you with no excuses, no distractions!

You will fully immerse yourself in the life that you were meant to have, not the one society tries to mold you into!

You will enhance the Body’s potential through the correct intake of food and differentiated envoronment

You will have differentiated Brain Function.

You will see the life and you will be motivated correctly to live the differentiated life!


Transformational Coaching Process

This process is for you if:

You are ready to take back your personal power.

You are ready to awaken to the life you are meant to see.

You are ready to shed the “Fake News” that is created in the Not-Self.

You are ready to Create from your Unique Frequency.


What is the base knowledge used in this Transformational Coaching Process?

I will use the Human Design System and the ongoing wisdom of the system.


What is the curriculum?

As this is your transformation, it will tailor to your own Human Design.

Foundation Reading-

This will provide you with the ground floor of how you can begin to create from your own unique frequency. This is the start of the entire experiment. The Foundation Reading will provide you with the basic tools to begin making decisions from the consciousness of the body instead of through the distorted field of chaos and distraction brought through the Not-Self Mind.

Mapping the Not-Self Mind –

This will give you a deeper look at how sneaky the Not-Self mind is and exactly how it pulls you into the conditioning field and forces you to create a place that is not healthy for you.

Primary Health System –

This is the body, form principle

What are the best conditions or circumstances you must be in so you can digest food correctly?

What is the best environment to be in to strengthen your decision-making strategy?

The Magic square reveals the presence and prana of the body. From the aura, hydration, complexion, and temperature (and more) of the body, you are unique and the magic square reveals this information to you.

Rave Biology-

Understand the nuances of the body’s need for salt, sugar, fats, etc. to understand how you can be easily conditioned by others to overeat or under eat.

Rave Psychology –

This is the differentiation of the illusion

What are you here to really see?

How to know if you are being motivated correctly?

This is where the real potential to heal the vehicle lies. Understanding how the illusion is created within the mind.

Understanding the scope of the True Self Mind

How to exist on this mundane plane as a transcended being.

Story Line –

How the illusion and the form principle tied together in this creation of life

Dream Rave-

What happens when you sleep?

How does this sleep state come into your awake state to cause havoc or wisdom?


These first weeks are intense and require your full implementation of the Design. If you can’t be in this fully, don’t waste your time. This is not for the faint of heart. There is no one that can do this for you. There is no majic pill. There is no FLUFF in this process. It is raw and it is real. So, if your body is moving you to this program great, if not, you just are not ready to go this deep.



This is now getting a little lighter! This will give you the understanding of you in the world of work. We step out of the deep inner process and see you on the level of the mundane, material plane.

This is the skills you bring to a small group dynamic.

How to Profit From your Design –

This is a really fun look at what you are here to broadcast to others and how you are designed to profit on this material plane.


This will give you an enlightened view of the Wa and what role you play in the large group dynamics.

The language to communicate in large groups


We will take a few sessions to bring this information together, so you have a synthesis of you.


Follow Up-

Now that you are filled to the brim with information about you, now what? Well, that depends on you. I will be offering an ongoing Life Coaching Process where you decide how you want to have the ongoing wisdom of you or not. I will leave you to listen to your decision making strategy and trust that you will make the decision best for you.


What will be required from you?

I will need to have your birth information; date, time and place of birth. The time MUST be accurate, so you get the most of this process.

Weekly session will be the process. I will require you to fill out medical forms and sign a liability waiver. I am not a doctor and none of this information is to be substituted for professional medical care.

Time Period Required?

This process will take anywhere from 5 months (approx. 20 weeks) to 7 months (28 weeks)  depending on your design, your dedication, and your willingness to allow the process to happen. The sessions will happen weekly. There is playwork for you to observe each week as you step closer to your frequency. I am not about to ride your ass. This is your investment; do as much or as little as you want.


Again, as there will be a sliding scale of time required for each individual, the range of investment will depend. It will range from $2750.00 to $3750.00. Follow up coaching will be an hourly charge after the Transformational Coaching Process is completed.

Extra Info-

As this process work is individual, I will have a list of trusted energy workers for you to contact if you need assistance. Also, if there is a want of the individuals to be added to a Facebook group for Tribal support, that can be arranged. It will most definitely not be a requirement, but an option.

How will you know if this is for you?

I invite you into the process of you, I ask you “Are you ready to deeply transform the body and mind?” This program is deep and intense, if it is for you, your body will let you know….. you then, get to drop into self and decide what is best for you.


If your body is moving you towards this transformation and you are ready to begin creating from your Unique Frequency and Living your Design, let’s connect and chat about this experiment of self.

Business Consulting

BG5 Career Design Overview

This is an Introduction to your career design. Who you are in regards to the work environment, what work environments are best for you and the signposts to keep you on track.

BG5 Full Analysis

This is the full analysis giving you the Success Code for your Energy.

Business Consulting

Are you a business owner, an entrepreneur or in a partnership and you want an efficiency, healthy workforce, and an increase in your bottom line? This consult only requires the birth data of the people in the business, no surveys or time-consuming questionnaires. With this information, I can pinpoint the inefficiencies and provide a solution based on the analysis that will re-engineer the placement of your people so you are using their skills and talents to the highest ability and efficiency.