Reality, Illusion or Both

What is the Illusion? Eve
Everything is an Illusion.
It is clear to me that the way in which illusion operates is through the movement of frequency, and that frequency is a variable; that is, variable depending on the density of the frequency.
-Ra Uru Hu
Does this stretch your mind? Do you hear the mind say “This is reality?”
Well, Yes, it is reality too as the illusion is concretized onto this material plane we live in as Humans.
So it is both. You create the illusion and the illusion is creating you. How we create and are created is where we will experience the life. When practicing the mechanics of Human Design, living through the definition and the strategy and authority correct for your type, you are then creating through the energy you were placed here to operate from. This frequency feels much more high vibrational. It is a state of awareness, awakened to the illusion and how you are operating in it. This illusion is about YOU. This frequency of True Self is authentic and you begin to resonant and have harmony with those along your particular geometry. Will the illusion still provide some resistance time to time, of course, we learn more in the mud than in the rainbows and sunshine.
Where the reality kicks in is when the Not Self Mind takes us off the geometry, creating resistance and instructing us to conform. This is when we feel so steeped in the chaos that the reality begins to hurt. This is where disease is rampant. This is where anger, disappointment, bitterness and frustration hang their hats. In an attempt to have you play the collective game and live the life based on decisions that are not correct. The geometry is difficult and murky, the life unfolds with drama, chaos and dis-ease. We can’t see past the minds collective creation. With mere glimpses of what the spirit is guiding us to.

Both are an illusion. You get to make a stance on which side of the illusion you want to create. Either way, the life will be played out…one looks much more simplistic and honoring to one’s self.
Have Fun in your experiment….

Love Yourself, You are Unique

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