My Human Design Experiment

Human Design has changed my life is such a positive way.

Over the last two years, I have been learning and practicing human design. My strategy it to respond and my authority is Sacral…so what does this mean?

The strategy of ‘to respond’ is because I am a manifesting generator and my aura is bring life to me. When life comes to me, I get to respond from my sacral center. It is a fairly fast response time and it comes from my gut. It is the authority that says ahu-hu or unh-un…or I can get a maybe in the way of a hmmmmm which means ask me later.

So I am learning to surrender to this authority inside of me. This is not an overnight process but as I let my thoughts and my mind quiet down and just thank the thoughts for the input, I can then listen to my Sacral noises. I know that my soul came here to fulfill a life that is beyond what my mind could ever imagine. I also know that I am unique and there is only one me…period. So why not live that unique life and have fun while I am here…

So here is a few things I have become aware of with my Sacral Authority.

My body will literally move towards what is good and healthy for me. For example: I can be in the grocery store and my body will move me to organic produce that it needs, the non-gmo that it wants and sometimes that bag of chips that are from organic sources. One other way I have witnessed my body move was when a friend called to invite me to a workshop…it was about 5pm and the work shop started at 7pm; as her and I were speaking on the phone my body walked up the stairs to the master bedroom and began picking out clothes to wear and changing as I was still on the phone. So my friend asked towards the end of the conversation if I would like to come and I said, ” I guess I am coming, my Sacral has moved me in that direction.” That workshop opened up a world of possibilities for me.

So, now I can truly just go into that Sacral center and trust that it really knows best. If I have energy for whatever the decision is, great, if not then I don’t force my body to do something that is not healthy for it or my soul.

This is just a small glimpse of the changes I have made in my life. The information of Human Design is intense and yet made to be very simple. I am just in the early stages of my learning and I am so excited for the future. The energy is still there for me to pursue this knowledge and modality so that is the plan for now.

I hope the world invites you to play, allows you to respond, takes in the information and reflects the best your way.



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