How did Human Design Pump into Me?

As I sit in the quiet of my home, reflecting on the past few months, I have a heart that is entirely full of gratitude.

I am living a life that is simple with a touch of grace and ease. The Human Design system has been such a gift for me. It literally bumped into me…

In 2009, my brother passed away from a heart attack with no warning at the age of 41. This was a huge turning point in my life. I began to take stock of what I was doing and why I was doing it.
I was an alcoholic, I was full of inflammation and when I renewed my drivers licence August of that year I knew that I had to change something or everything. I looked like the walking dead in that picture. So December 31st of that year, I decided that I was no longer going to drink. I just stopped. I have tremendous will-power and I knew that this was the first step to getting life back on track. Within a month I had lost 15lbs, it just fell off as I began to love and appreciate the vessel that I incarnated into. I began to pay closer attention to my diet. I already purchased and consumed mostly organic food so the food part was easy. Letting go of the alcohol was also easy as I no longer could function at optimal levels and then the hangover food cravings pulled me into eating terrible food. Now I could concentrate on healthy and sustaining food choices.

I was working at a Financial Institution at the time and had been for 8 years. I loved my job and was beginning to watch myself day by day within the context of the company and I could see I no longer fit in the corporate world. It took me until 2011 to actually make the decision to leave. I was paid a nice salary and I knew I was selling my health for prosperity of the company. This no longer fit into who I was becoming. With the support of my husband, I left the company to be on the farm for awhile to just decompress.

This was a different transition for me as I had worked my entire life and being able to actually just “BE” was a concept that was very difficult for my mind to comprehend. We have a cattle ranch so it was not like I was not “working”, It was different, I was doing what I loved.

Then, about a year and a half into this decompression time, I said to the universe, “ok, I need to have something to call my own, I need to be doing something more.”

I remember it clearly, I was sitting on the couch with my lap top and I Googled ‘new age business’ and the International Human Design School website was top on the search…How? not one key word correlated with the website…but I entered the site and thought I had seen this before…and I had just the week before a lady was speaking about Human Design on another site and I was intrigued…this time the pull was strong. I ordered the Definitive Guide to Human Design and I haven’t looked back.

I began classes that November and I fell in love with the system. I am engrossed in the teachings each day of my life and I live it. I have a 1/3 Profile, and this is a strong indication that life will bump into me…and Human Design did just that. Thankfully, I was aware enough to reach out and grab it.

Living your Design is the key, the information isn’t something to take lightly, it is the blueprint, the map, of you…embrace it and live it…It will change your life.

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