About Me


Thank you for visiting my site. I am so happy you were guided here to learn all about you. First, I will share a little about me.

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Leann Wolff. I operate a small cattle ranch and trucking business with my husband and I am the sole proprietor of Power of Self. What I love is that my life is flexible and has a busy environment.

Human Design bumped into me in 2013 and I have been studying and working with this system since that time.

Here is my chart: I am a 1/3 Manifesting Generator and I came in on the Right Angle Cross of Contagion. My Life force channels are the Channel of Money, Charisma and Maturation.


Here is what that all means;

I enjoy the cyclical nature of the material plane as I learn and study all that I respond to in this Maia. Having new experiences that challenge the status quo to stimulate my ambitious and perseverant nature. Keeping the focus on investing my resources through contributing to the experiences when the energy is responding. Teaching others what they are wanting from my studies is a passion that provokes the other to look into themselves a little deeper, this is how I contribute to the frequency adjustment of the planet. I know that to gain experience I must have the experience and be balanced in the emotion of it to persevere to succeed. Allowing myself to just work from a place of response and let the energy guide me to where the wisdom is within.

Human Design is the perfect base to bring you into your True Energy. As I operate correctly, the energy of the entire cosmos aligns to the true potential of the totality.


Love Yourself, You are Unique