Human Design

Waking up to Self is the purpose of the life. I would love to help you with this through the Human Design System, The Science fo Differentiation.

The Human Design System was brought to the planet in 1987 through Ra Uru Hu. He was given the role of being the Clarion for the Human Design System.

The system teaches that there is a Strategy and an Authority to surrender to and this surrendering allows for the unique differentiated life to emerge.



The Mandala is a beautiful wheel showing our activations from the planets. When you look at the wheel, you will see there is Hexagrams on the outside of the wheel, then the gate numbers and then the Astrological sign, then the planet activation which translates into the middle body graph. The Mandala is the progression of the life from incarnation to death.




The Bodygraph is how we read the information. The differentiated life is in the activations. Once you surrender to the strategy and authority for your design, the costume emerges, the purpose emerges, then the transformation of awakening can happen.  Awakening into a Self-Reflected Conscious life. Witnessing the life instead of trying to be the life. Witnessing and being the passenger in the life. To enjoy the life and live a life of less resistance starts with two simple tools; strategy and authority.

The health of the body comes back if you truly surrender. This entire construct is the construct of the Universe. We live in Universe that runs in a dualistic process. As Ra would say, it is a Biverse. The this and that of the life provides a continuum of life. The cellular structure of our being will operate efficiently when the energy of the body is being operated correctly.


Are you ready to Master your life? Are you ready to awaken to your True Self? Are you ready to be the passenger of your life and witness the unfolding?

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