Fear, Anxiety and Nervousness





Fear, Anxiety and nervousness


Our Human Construct is built on Fear, Anxiety and Nervousness and these awareness’s allow us to go into the sensations in the body, delving into the emotion so we can decipher what is healthy, what is worth thinking about and what experience to enjoy.

These emotions are also played out in the mind, the not self mind. Oh the tricks that are played on us from this not self; holding us back from our greatness. The sneaky fear that grips our chest when we want to step out and shine. The sneaky anxiety that pierces the fabric of our thoughts as the worry for tomorrow becomes too great to get out of bed. The nervousness that has a strangle hold on the stomach and won’t let go until you have pulled away from your friends and family so you won’t have to make decisions about social interactions. This, my friend, is all the not self. The is the collective thought pattern keep the greatness of you from showing up fully in the life.

And these fears are gripping our world as we speak. Pulling the lives of the people into turmoil.

The Cross of Planning that the Global Cycle is currently in will be coming to an end in 2027. This cycle is based off the energy of tribal community. Supporting the societies through growing on the material plane. We, as a society, have been in this cycle for 400 hundred years and this is where our industrial revolution took hold. Our infrastructure was build based on this energy as well, our governments, policing, schools, hospitals and any other community organization. And what we are moving to an individual based cycle come 2027.

What we are witnessing is a breakdown in the religious infrastructure first. Religion has been the fundamental war on this planet for as long as humans have been walking it. Religion asks us to give our power away to an entity and by doing so you will be saved!!!Saved from what? And why give the power of self to anything/one outside of yourself? The people are awakening to this phenomenon and they are taking back their power. Those in the “Power” positions within religion are seeing the pull back and shift to internal power of self and they do not appreciate it…so more fear is then sent out to the collective in the form of violence in a desperate attempt to control their communities.

Second, we are witnessing the breakdown of our infrastructure. Our roads, water systems, our schools, our hospitals and the list goes on. The breakdown is happening through out our world. People in many cities, villages and communities do not have access to the basic needs to sustain the human as the Cross of Planning comes to a close.

Third, our governments. We see the people voting for a change from the same old. People are tired of being sheep and want to have a say.

There is no wonder our world is gripped in fear, anxiety and nervousness.

As we move into the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix, it is of utmost importance for each of us to bring our power back into our own hands. I encourage you to take responsibility for your health, both body and mind. Trust in your design. Trusting the design brings correct decisions for your uniqueness. Stay out of the sheep mentality and basing your decisions on the collective fear, anxiety and nervousness.

As I said, these emotions are within our construct as humans, witnessing the emotion to gain awareness and wisdom is what these emotions are designed to do. The wisdom is to realize ideas, rationalize opinions, and return to our intuitive insight will come in the exact right time. The spontaneous survival instinct keeps us alive. Our truth is in motion.  The negative or these emotions will keep the being oppressed, socially impaired and dis-eased.

Change is in play. Are you ready to live a differentiated life? Live you. Stay out of the homogenization and watch the movie. Have fun!!


Love Yourself, You are Unique


5 thoughts on “Fear, Anxiety and Nervousness

  1. As I have shared with many spiritual leaders as their messages have been from fear and disconnect.
    Instead of fear let’s spread knowledge, Let”s get out of the bias, ego, ratings searching news of radio and TV. Step back inside ourselves and see the light within self.
    Contributing to the space and energy that is heavy, creating more of what is not wanted or needed. Instead of marching in protest gather hands in peace. Step outside of the space created by human ego and into the vortex of our souls. Finding the spirit in self as we are peaking through a opening of vulnerability. Live what we are teaching in the knowledge we have been given from a place of higher self.
    Embrace the opportunities that are developing in front of our eye when we let go of the foggy shutters that have been placed in front of the human eyes. 💖

  2. Perfect timing my Friend ❤️💕✨That Not Self just sucks me in Lol ….. Had to go to bed early on Election Night … I was feeling to much anxiety and fear … So I removed myself❤️

  3. Thank you for this article. I have never read anything that has reflected myself as well as what you have wrote. Thank u for helping me reach inside myself via your words

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