Benefits of Human Design

Benefits of Human Design

I have now been in my experiment with Human Design for 5 Years. And I have to say it is the best decision I have made in my life.

Human Design teaches us to trust the frequency of the body when we are making decisions. The two simple tools of Human Design are Strategy and Authority. Once the frequency is being utilized to make decisions vs. the chaos and distraction of the not-self mind the life changes.

  1. I Can Relax! – The biggest benefit I have seen in my experiment is that my body is so relaxed. I walked around for 42 years with my shoulders around my neck because I was bracing against the life…instead of just allowing for my body to respond and I then listen to my inner authority which for me, is the Sacral Center.
  2. A Whole New Life Opens Up – To the outside world, my life probably looks very much the same as it did 10 years ago…but for me, the use of strategy and authority has opened up a whole new life for me. I no longer have to push the boulder uphill! The life literally unfolds in front of me.
  3. Positive Changes to My Body Structure –  My body is being fed correctly using the Primary Health System (PHS) information provided by Human Design, and because of this, my body is able to digest the life and food I place in my mouth. The PHS for me is cold, which means my system is too hot so I need to cool it down (this was confirmed by a Chinese Medicine practitioner in 2013). Eating cold foods and ingesting only cold liquids has created a clear head and a clear life!
  4. Confirmed My Skills and Roles – Human Design also has a business sector and these sectors are called BG5 and OC16. Through knowing the information, on how I operate in a group setting has confirmed so much for me. In every job I have ever had I was moved from entry-level to management is a very short period of time. And, this is in my OC16. I have always used my resources, energetic and monetary, to serve others…This was confirmed in my BG5 Information. All of this information presents itself through the frequency of my body.
  5. I am Equipped to Meet Any Challenge – My being the frequency that is me, no matter the challenge in the life, I am fully equipped to meet it. My Sacral guides me fully through the life and what I am to meet on my fractal I do and I am
  6. Creating From My Frequency – I create from me…not from the influence or pressure from the dictates of society! I get to do it my way…not anyone else’s. And for that, I am so grateful!
  7. Loving ME!! – Human Design has taught me to love me and I can let go of the ‘stuff’ I thought I should be or could be if I just worked a little harder! No more…I am the frequency I am. And I LOVE it! Holy Hell…I can rust and LOVE me!!!

If you are fully ready to move into a life with the above benefits, please contact me!

I love to witness the adjustments others create in life when they just allow their frequency to move them on their fractal!

2 thoughts on “Benefits of Human Design

  1. I believe I’m at a new chapter in my life. I have never loved myself or ever put myself first. I feel a new strength now and feel empowered. But am lost as what to do or what I am doing. I’ve always had strong intuition but rarely follow or open myself to it.

    1. Hi Kim, it is good to hear that you are feeling empowered! I believe it is all about trusting in oneself and never looking or searching for the answer outside of your own body!

      What I love the most about Design is that it gave me the blueprint for my life, so feeling lost is no longer an option! Because the life is always unfolding in front of me. It gave me the place within that I can trust to guide me in the everyday decisions as well as the life-changing decisions.

      We each have a very unique perspective, which is re-introduced to a client once they are fully in their experiment! That unique perspective, allows us to see exactly what we are supposed to see.

      My favorite word is surrender! When I live from surrender, allowing for the body to guide me…there is just no other bliss than that!

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