Self Love


Every time I see new chart, I get a little giddy within. I get to see this person as a new born baby entering into a world with this beautiful energy signature…only to then have them sit in my office it true pain because they have lost that connection to self. Then, I begin the reading and there is a spark that begins to come back within. I am speaking to the Mind, mostly the Not Self mind when I am doing a reading, and as I speak I watch as each being begins to get back in touch with the True Nature. I watch as the Not Self Mind battles to hold onto old patterns and self defeating talk. I watch as the body begins to soften to the information because the body knows this is the truth…the soul is excited to be witnessing the re-emergence of the True Nature. I love this part of my “job”. I enjoy watching the soul come back to life as I tire the Not Self Mind with positive reinforcement of the True Self.
And this is where is all begins, the acceptance and love of self begins with a reminder of your True Self Nature. A reminder I say, as we all know this at the deepest core of our being. We know but we are so highly conditioned to conform to the ‘good and bad’ that is set out for us from the moment we emerge into the Maia that we forget our True Self. This is when the battle begins in the Not Self Mind and the True Self Signature, it begins the moment we are birthed into the world. We are first conditioned by our food, then we are conditioned by the environment and then the conforming to this and that of the others. Self hatred begins at a very early age and we attempt to look for love outside of ourselves by proving ourselves to others, by going along with others ideas, by agreeing to the way others think, by avoiding confrontation, by keeping people in our lives that are not good for us and by working a little harder than anyone else in the hopes we can get rid of the stress we feel. We never feel as though we ‘measure’ up to standards set out in front of us.
As I am speaking to my client, this beautiful unique human, I see exactly where this pain lies. I listen to the stories they so bravely tell me…and I reinforce the true nature and that they can again, begin to trust the True Nature. This is such a relief to the client. They can actually trust in themselves to make decisions made through their unique design instead of listening to the conditioning that is all around.
There is absolutely no one else having the exact same experiment that you are having. No one. This is your unique life to live through your unique Human Construct. As the reading sinks in to the cells of my client the Love of Self begins to shine. It begins to shine through the client having fun within the experiment. Testing the waters per se…and then watching how surrendering to the strategy and authority allows the life to unfold as intended. Each step in the new awareness brings a higher sense of self love. Trust the Design. The Design is where the beauty is beheld, trust the Design and the Self love is apparent.
Love Yourself, You are Unique

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